Learning Photography at Home

Learning photography at home is easy with an abundance of online photography classes, correspondence courses, and a variety of books and magazines available for photographers and photography hobbyists. Whether engaging in photography as a hobby or a side job, it’s an exciting time when you get a new camera and can start experimenting with different techniques and features.

In the past, many people had to take photography classes in order to learn how to work with film cameras and develop their own pictures from film negatives. While film cameras are still used, most photographers have switched over to digital, making it easier to take and develop pictures.

Learning Photography Online

Learning PhotographyOne of the easiest ways of learning photography is through online classes and videos. The Internet brings the experience of professional photographers right to you through online blog courses and tutorial videos. Many online photography courses are free and provide basic information to help you get started. Other courses have a fee, but the material is more intense and structured and usually gives you a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Based on how much time you have to dedicate to a class, you may want an intensive online course that grades your work and allows other users to critique your pictures, or you may want a free course that allows you to come and go as you have the time.

Photography Correspondence Courses

Learning photography through a correspondence course allows you to learn at home but provides you with all of the materials you need to practice taking pictures and learning about photography. These courses are offered by a number of institutions and will grant you a certificate in photography once completed.

Most courses work by sending you books and videos that teach the course. You then complete assignments and turn them into the instructors. You will receive critiques either online or over the phone, allowing you to improve your photography and ask questions of the instructors.

Self-Taught Photography Methods

If you’re of the old school method of learning photography, you can just purchase a few books and magazines and follow the tutorials provided. There are a number of books available for beginners, and then there are books that cover certain methods and techniques.

Gather a few of your friends together and practice taking pictures using the methods taught in the books. Post them on free sites that allow other users to offer critiques of your work. This will help you grow as a photographer and show you the areas you need to improve. Learning photography at home is simple if you take advantage of all available resources.


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